More Than 30 Years of Combined Healthcare Experience  


CareMaestro is the culmination of more than 30 years of diverse health care experience developing and managing programs for post acute care. 

With its unique ability to manage multiple morbidities, CareMaestro can build IndividualContact Plans (ICP)  for each and every patient.

CareMaestro collects accurate and timely data you can depend on!

Our mission is to achieve the triple aim of lowering costs, while improving outcomes and patient satisfaction

  • To serve health care providers through the collection of patient data post discharge.
  •  To reduce the numbers of hospital readmissions and emergent care visits, through our proprietary model of persistent monitoring.
  •  To collect and aggregate health care data to determine new and improved ways of more efficiently and effectively serving ever growing populations.

Our customers serve a cross section of America and we are proud to offer CareMaestro services to patients of all ages, acuity and co morbidities.  

At CareMaestro we address patients as people - not as a diagnoses!

CareMaestro creates and manages custom programs developed to meet each client's unique needs. Our wide variety of available services ensures we can meet your needs...

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